Shyam Gurung's Gratitude Journey with Doctor's House Call Service

Meet Shyam Gurum, a resident of Kalimati, Kathmandu, who recently found himself facing a health crisis with his 93-year-old father.

In the past two years, his father battled not only the challenges of old age but also the effect of a severe encounter of COVID-19 and dengue. In these trying times, Shyam found hope when he learned about the Doctors House Call Service.

According to Shyam, the turning point came when they made that crucial call to the organization. "The response was lightning fast, and soon, Dr. Udagar arrived at our Home, Shyam recalls."

"His quick response and efficient care played a pivotal role in my father's recovery. The service provided by Doctors House Call was nothing short of exceptional."

Shyam's gratitude extends beyond mere satisfaction; it's a heartfelt appreciation for the prompt and professional attention his father received.

"From blood tests to urine tests to saline IV, their team handled it all with remarkable speed. I can't express enough how thankful we are to them."

Fast forward to the present, Shyam's father faced another health setback—this time, it was the flu, common cold, and a persistent cough. However, the seamless continuation of home care services ensured that Shyam's father received the right medicines in the comfort of his home.

Shyam notes, "Every visit from the doctor brought a new set of medicines, and with each passing day, my father became more active. It's a stark contrast to how he used to be, confined to bed 24x7."

Shyam reserves a special mention for Dr. Udagar Yadav, the compassionate and dedicated physician who became a lifeline for their family.

"Dr. Udagar's honest, professional, and quick service won our trust. We believe in him, and we're genuinely thankful for his commitment to our well-being."

In conclusion, Shyam expresses his deep gratitude to Doctors House Call Service and hopes for its continued growth, providing the same level of exceptional service to others in need. "Especially for the elderly in emergency situations, we are truly grateful. Thank you, Doctors House Call, for being our reliable partner in health during our times of need."